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More digital small-talk.

I just came across an interesting blog post by Mark Ivey who contributes to MarketingProfs Daily Fix and is a consultant and partner with the ION Group, a marketing communications company specializing in social media. It ties in with my previous blog post on good Twitterers being ‘masters of the weak tie, or in other words – being good at small talk.

Mark bases his article on two other articles, one in the Wall Street Journal written by Julia Angwin, and the other by John Dvorak from MarketWatch.com (who looks remarkably like British Comedian Harry Enfield – sorry John, I couldn’t resist). His article goes on to say that digital small talk via social networks is very important for companies. Unfortunately, companies either try and use social media networks to try and sell directly to their prospective cutomers and, in doing so, risk having it blow up in their face – or – they ignore it all together due to a lack of tangible returns.

As I pointed out in my previous article, being a connector and master of the weak tie is a hugely powerful position to be in – so powerful in fact that companies to whom social media is relevant (ie B2C companies) should seriously consider taking on a professional to manage and foster their social media presence as a full time position.

Great article Mark, the articles are well spotted and fused.

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