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Making sense of… Twitter.

Over the next couple of months I intend to do a series of blog posts that will make the world a better place (no pressure then…). I was inspired by a radio programme I heard on Dubai Eye 103.8. The show’s guest was from the medical profession and he was working on a series of booklets, called… hold on… here it comes… you guessed it, “Making sense of…” and each booklet is meant to make sense of a specific topic. In his case it was “… adult acne” and “… a visit to your General Practitioner” etc.

I thought that was a great idea and promptly nicked it to do my own series for marketing and social media. This first one is for Twitter, because – lets face it – none of us got it immediately. Nobody on Twitter today can tell me hand-on-heart that they knew exactly what was going on when they first joined. Why do you think there are so many references to “Ok, so I’ve signed up to Twitter, now what?” in the first 3 tweets Read the rest of this entry »

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