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The most interesting meetings I have had over the last few months were those that came about in a somewhat random way. They all had one thing in common and that was me thinking “Should I bother with this meeting?”. Now, that was no reflecion of what I thought of the persons I was meeting, it was more the unusual way the meetings had materialised.

Often, a meeting with no seemingly specific purpose is more productive and interesting than one that has been planned and set up for a while. If it requires multiple weeks of planning, the likelihood is that one of the people in that meeting doesn’t actually want to be there – otherwise you would have met weeks ago already.

So – I would like to meet with you, let me buy you a coffee. If you are interested enough to be reading my blog, I would love to meet you. Please get in touch.

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  1. […] of reading Gladwell’s Tipping Point I have now created a new page on this blog. It’s the “Meet me” page. Get in touch and let’s meet – I might even buy you a […]

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