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Social media is dangerous!

I posted a tweet a couple of days ago and felt it was too important to remain in a 140-character message with three shortened links.

The tweet was about the use of social media, the reasons for it, the ways to use it and the caveats. I had linked to three posts that dealt with one of each of these topics (more on those below).

Blogging has been around for a while now and yet more and more companies and individuals are only just discovering it for their own purposes. Twitter, despite its young age, has probably done as much for social media as blogging and Facebook have – after all it provides a much easier and quicker point of entry.

The newly sparked interest that Twitter has achieved for social media has triggered me to write this post, even though many others may have covered this topic already. Social media can be a two-edged sword, especially for companies. The question is whether it is right for your type of organization, and by that I don’t merely mean “Is your organization a B2C company?”. It is also important to look at your company structure and possible support for this form of media. More traditional organizations may not be willing or even able to support this type of development effectively – Seth Godin calls it the Meatball Sundae.

If you adopt social media, you have to realize that it is public immediately and will remain that way – even if you delete it from the platform you published it on. Why? Because if you have done your job well it will have started some form of conversation amongst those who are reading your social media posts. Best-case scenario, those readers are your fans and happy customers – at worst these are your competitors and dissatisfied customers.

In other words – you need to know how to use social media. There are rules and etiquettes – a bit like driving a car. If you don’t know them, or choose to ignore them you risk hurting yourself or others – but most likely yourself.

There is also more to effective social media than just writing blog posts, tweets, starting a facebook group or posting videos to your YouTube channel. It is called “social media”, not “unsocial media”, which means it is not good enough to merely post your thoughts, self-promotion or other one-way traffic items. It has to be a conversation, and preferably one where you give more than you take. It has to be selfless and with the benefit of your customer in mind, not based around what you wish to achieve. If you put your customers first, you will automatically benefit yourself as well. If you put yourself first, you will #fail (and if you are wondering why I have put a hashtag (#) in front of the word “fail” – you may wish to find out before you start your corporate twitter account!

So then, here are the full links and titles to the articles I linked to in my tweet. I suggest you read them, and read them a second time. And whatever you do, don’t forget what they say and don’t make your social media unsocial.

Utilise social media: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/167220/the_cost_and_payoff_of_investing_in_social_media.html

On the basis of: http://www.mpdailyfix.com/2009/06/marketers_more_hockey_less_fig.html

Always read this first: http://www.searchrank.com/blog/2008/02/dos_and_donts_of_social_media.html

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  1. IJ Styles says:

    Interesting post out there. Social Media nowadays are changing the way how the Interenet used to be especially in communication. : )

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  3. Twitter has absorbed hundred of thousands, maybe millions, of internet users attentions and growing rapidly to be one of the most recommended micro blogging system to gain traffic to a blog by SEO firm or SEO expert.

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